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Join the next bootcamp launching 1/15/21!


Program:  Bootcamps are 4 weeks, starting on foundational skills, with a path towards continued growth. Assignments are shared Friday evenings, due by EOD Tuesday. Personalized video responses are given to each participant by EOD Friday. Participants spend an average of 30-60 minutes per week. Pricing begins at $750/person for cohorts up to 50 individuals.


Philosophy: “Record. Reflect. Repeat.” is BetterOn’s rhythm, guiding people to develop a practice of connecting with themselves to improve connection with others.  


Impact: Recent cohorts spanned various roles, time zones, cultures, and native languages, with 100% reporting increased confidence and ability to be themselves on camera.  The impact extends beyond the professional realm, enhancing people’s personal lives in different ways. From feeling more present with friends and family, to lessening the impact of Zoom fatigue, participants report that this journey enables holistic growth.  Can you see and feel a difference in these recent graduates?

Let’s Get BetterOn

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