"I hate being on camera."

                                                                         - Most of us.

Why do we go cold when cameras start recording?






Could your business have an effective video strategy if your people were better on camera?



We Believe

  • Employees are a business's most valuable asset.

  • 'People first video' is the most effective way to connect.

  • The world needs to see authentic voices on video.

  • Repetition is the way to camera confidence.

  • Developing your persona is synonymous with building muscle.

  • If you're serious enough to be on camera, we're serious enough to to help you grow.


Is your team right for camera training?

 A strong video strategy parallels fitness -- being in good shape.  Camera presence is no different.  BetterOn sees this as being HOT or COLD.  Businesses testing, filming, and taking advantage of digital video's massive opportunity are HOT.  The same goes for your people. BetterOn gets your people ready to film and dive into the flow of your company video strategy.  What good is a BetterOn trained client if they are being utilized in a COLD environment?  

Creating content doesn't have to be expensive and daunting.   Personalities are what make video 'work' and if you have good people, you can have good video.  The good news is that NO ONE is born effective on camera. BetterOn is a people first business, focused on training yours to be warm on camera and make your video strategy HOT.