Camera presence matters. Discover yours.

The often-neglected foundation of great digital video: getting yourself ready to be comfortable, confident, cohesive, effective on camera. Being on camera is a muscle that can be developed.

BetterOn Video Training gets you ready for the unique medium of digital video. It's kind of like media training...executive communications coaching...screenwriting...studying acting or screenwriting...and being a digital native, born with mobile camera in hand.   With a core curriculum customized to your goals, real-time scorecard for tracking feedback and progress, and stellar trainers fusing traditional communications, insider digital video, and neuroscience, you're on your way.

Instantly BetterOn: Live, real-time, on-site training that makes a huge impact in a short time. 

The way to do digital video:

regularly, authentically and episodically.

Create content regularly, authentically, and obsessively focused on your target audience. BetterOn takes you through the process, from identifying and training your on-video talent to defining the content and message; setting goals to setting up in-house production; finishing episodes and distributing to your audience.

BetterOn's tools and service make you and your team a digital video creator.